Today I’ll be short. Some days are just like this. Busy, screeching painfully at the speed of seconds passing by, bloated seconds, full of the swell of thoughts and chores, ambitions and fears, too busy to notice each other. Seconds are droplets isolated and estranged, unaware of belonging all to one life, my life. Sifting…

The never lost art of Weaving

In my world, we all had a grandma that was knitting. Among family chatter and laughter, with a big smile and all ears at all the talk around her, down on her lap, her hands moved fast kneading thread and needles into a flurry of seemingly chaotic storm. From it came the most neatly organized intertwine, artful patterns and bursts of colour. Fascinating.

Read full article and find out how this tradition is now expressed in modern architecture and design

2018, a Retrospective

2018 has been the year of many conundrums. Innocent yet unmistakably urgent, happenstances of everyday sift through time, moulding it to their liking. Yet I’m looking back and amidst all that, as always, wonderful life comes through strong with beautiful memories and many accomplishments.

The US architectural symbol of democracy, Lincoln Memorial

Symbols are an evolving library of information that pulls us together into the same conversation. Many symbols go beyond religious and cultural markers that are recognized by all, while some need to be learned before they are used and understood.

The key ingredient in a symbol is meaning. Anything can be a symbol, if it has meaning and sufficient recognition or use, it will eventually make it into the library of symbols of a religion, nation, the western or the eastern world, or humanity.

Neoclassical architecture as it is present in North America and especially United States has been associated with many meanings out of which in the case of Lincoln Memorial is democracy.

Twenty Two beautiful fountain pens

Oh! I so like fountain pens! I have owned one since grade one, in fact, that was my first writing tool. I believe it was a Pelican. And yes that should give you a hint at how old I am which I don’t really see it as a problem but rather an advantage. Faber-Castell was,…

Sci-fi and the future of the body imagined

My fascination with sci-fi as a genre lies in the forgiveness with which the public accepts its ideas.  Imagination in the sphere of the future is accepted much easier than in the realm of the present. As a designer of interiors, many of my ideas are shot down, questioned, torsioned, probed and often some are…

Edit, the DX exhibit

Some of the things that caught my eye. Sometimes it’s better to not read the description, to not be told what you really look at but rather make it up your own way. That should be today’s way to look at design. At a time of over-stimulation, challenging reality in your own personal way is…

you love it? get obsessed!

you’re   in …   city   of   MIWS,   l a n d      of     m e a n i n g WELCOME! ‘Get obsessed, totally obsessed. There is no use liking what you do. Get obsessed with it.’ MARIO TESTINO MIWS definition: MIND | IMAGE | WORD | SPACE pronunciation: mewz occupants…

for me.. what is blogging all about

After a few years into it, it is worth considering why do it. A lot of people blog these days. Initially blogging generated a small group of a new kind of writers. With no platform, struggling to get ideas out, often not knowing how. By just doing it with no focus nor purpose, eventually, you…

On Proximity, Space and Light Installations. The Distillery District

Needless to say, beautiful lights at night have a pleasant charm to them.When those lights are designed by artists and architects and placed in the open, the city transforms into a curated exhibit. Few places around the world have light festivals and now we have it too! Out of the ones on display at the Distillery, my favorite…

Pretty Things

Impulse – Montreal-Lateral-Office James Beard Restaurant Design Awards – Bruno, NY City