My 2 cents on design is a lifestyle blog written and edited by Adriana Mot.

Its mandate is to promote the positive impact of design and creativity on living an impeccable life. The articles focus on stories, thoughts and actions of individual self-expression, with all the imperfection, quirkiness, and wonder that comes about. M2C maintains a weekly editorial post and is geared to a bi-weekly and more during 2021.

About the founder:


An architect by training, Adriana owns an award-winning interior design practice in Toronto, Canada.

Her design sensibility reflects her philosophy of an impeccable lifestyle, a lifestyle rooted in self-confidence and personal idiosyncrasies. Adriana was born in Europe and received her professional Architecture and Environmental Design degrees from the University of Waterloo. She believes in constant learning, the importance of creativity in all aspects of life and dabs here and there in all things creative, from interior design and architecture to fine art and writing.

Check out her personal web site: www.adrianamot.com

and the design practice: www.dochia.com



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