MH, Vol1 – Baroque music improves focus and concentration. How did it come about?

Baroque choral music developed in the 17th century during the Baroque Era, specifically between 1600 to 1750. In the church of St. Mark in Venice, Giovanni Gabrielli created polychoral music of multiple choirs with various voices and instruments. Constant pulsation through the pieces was a vital aspect and an essential reason for its currently discovered…

Hobbies, how to make room in your home for them and why should you, part 1

Hobbies are by their very nature private as they are all about individual pleasure, even if they are a sport that you may be performing alongside others. There is no solidarity or sense of duty associated with the idea of “hobby”; there is no romantic bonding that you can experience; in fact, there is no…

How to live together with a teenager the 20/30/50 rule

One of the biggest myths is that teenagers are self-absorbed. The passion, loyalty to their group and friends, as well as assertiveness of their opinions, if appropriately interpreted, paint a completely different picture. Sociologically they have a strength that is seldom recognized: they are highly capable of meaningful contributions to help those around them. The…

How to set up your study area for successful home learning

According to science, we’re better off having designated areas for learning. As the Ontario students have made their decisions to either go back to school or continue the remote learning, having a proper place for them to study at home is now crucial to a good education. By setting up a learning hub at home that is conducive to concentration and even more, helps create a healthy pattern of concentration in the day, you not only offer physical help and a great place for education, but you help shape a lifetime of good learning and brain curiosity.

The mighty family of online shoppers

Are you part of it? The increasingly astute buyers navigating comfortably through millions of products, vendors and options, scrutinizing carefully listed criteria and making determined choices? It is the new “walking”. It is not the knowledge of the few but a necessity similar to knowing how to type or use a phone. The zesty, tingly…

How much space you need when everyone is working and studying from home

Ok fine, we’re working from home and learning from home. We figured it out: kids in the basement, one per room, mom in the den and dad in the office on the second floor. 

But what if you do not have a basement, or a den, or a second floor? How many rooms do you actually need to have in order to be able to do this properly, meaning, protect concentration sufficiently so that you can do what you need to do, and still live happily ever after? And what if you do not have them? 

The never lost art of Weaving

In my world, we all had a grandma that was knitting. Among family chatter and laughter, with a big smile and all ears at all the talk around her, down on her lap, her hands moved fast kneading thread and needles into a flurry of seemingly chaotic storm. From it came the most neatly organized intertwine, artful patterns and bursts of colour. Fascinating.

Read full article and find out how this tradition is now expressed in modern architecture and design

When busy is just too busy

For strongly motivated individuals the risk of becoming too busy to live is highest. Such individuals always push for the next thing and while the chase and win are always enjoyable, the ones that are truly successful are the ones that can break and refuel.

Twenty Two beautiful fountain pens

Oh! I so like fountain pens! I have owned one since grade one, in fact, that was my first writing tool. I believe it was a Pelican. And yes that should give you a hint at how old I am which I don’t really see it as a problem but rather an advantage. Faber-Castell was,…