The side effects of scientific thought and how they killed the mind before its time

When Einstein said in an interview in 1929: “I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know if I am.” (G.S. Viereck interview, October 26, 1929, reprinted in “Glimpses of the Great” (1930)) the world around him was on the verge of tipping. A thin, malleable line had just started to form between living without and living with science. A line that by 2019 and the pandemic reality of our lifetime asserted itself as harsh and immutable as the electric barbwire of a penitentiary.

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There was no listening to those that advocated for the dangerous side effects of isolation, lack of socialization, or the complete rejection of the arts. We’ve come to a point where now, we know who’s the boss. Science has spoken. And ruthlessly shut down everything else.

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While many questioned this, nobody really had any power to fight it, no matter how much talk was around it. Perhaps I see things like this because I live in Canada, where the rules were stringent for an extended period of time; they were more ruthlessly tipped toward the blind following of the scientific minds who were given absolute authority over the country. Here we are yet to have a mental health policy at the national level. Mental health is only starting now to be considered at the same level of importance as physical health.

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We live in crisis. Nowadays, if anything attempts to be demonstrated through methods unrecognized by the closed scientific community and outside the norms and methods of science, it is debunked, invalidated and, at best, considered pseudo-science.  But then I ask you, have we forgotten what the point of having science, to begin with, is?

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The current world overvalues science and technology to a point where it is allowed to rule without a partner. But the spiritual and art word that have been pushed to the corner for a while are coming back with force.

Like any dictator, science spent decades eliminating everyone else from the big players’ table. However, more and more research points out that this dictatorship is on its last legs.

And so I ask you, when the dictatorship will fall, because it will fall, which camp would you rather be in? Do we all have to choose, or, in fact, it is better to find the middle ground?

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