On the back of things – and how that matters in design as much as in people

It infuriates me. To a point where I refuse to look that way.

If you’ve ever bought a piece of furniture that has an unfinished back, you know what I mean.

The edge of the particle board, brown and unsightly, as if someone had forgotten to take a look at the whole thing.

What if you dress up for going out at night, and you forget to check your back in the mirror, finding yourself with your most terrible everyday bra showing through the beautiful and sophisticated dinner dress? That is a faux pas that is hard to outlive; a night of glamour and fun can instantly become a self-awareness nightmare when you run to the bathroom and realize the disaster.

Or build a house that has a designed facade and architectural unfinished sides and back. As if that is not the same home, as if it is not a whole, but just a set in front of which you perform a play, your life, in a moment; but then you leave it behind and move on because the show is over. Move on to what? This is your life. Have it all well designed, not just the facade.

The backs of things are important. They give the reassurance of a thing well made, the stability of a confident self and a dependable positive outcome of any undefined future endeavours. A life well-lived. We do not need to know everything about a person to like them. But we do hope that as we learn more about them, it is good things we find out, things that will not shed a dark light on the person we think we know and slowly learn more about.

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  1. Hi Adriana,

    I agree with you: if you can see it, it should be beautiful. All of my furniture and millwork, unless it is permanently screwed to a wall, can be displayed in the centre of a room and viewed from every angle. This used to be a lot more common than it is today.


    1. Adriana Mot says:

      Your pieces are fantastic!

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