Top Ten Most Cherished Highlights of 2021 at Dochia Interior Design

It is said that in moments of crisis some fold and some flourish. I would say that we at Dochia have definitely flourished!!

From international awards and recognition to a 300% increase in our followers across all social platforms, from accolade development projects to luxurious residences, we’ve had a prolific and accomplished design year!

Many thanks to my wonderful team that does not cease to amaze me with their dedication and impeccable performance and to Chris, Peter, and Andrew for providing the wonderful project photography that you’ve been enjoying on our website and social media.

1. Dochia TRENDING

This year we’ve started a new kind of newsletter! One that is fun, entertaining, and really puts a dent in how design can help you live a better lifestyle. Head out and subscribe here if you have not done so already and follow our videos, writing, press releases, and in-studio segments to get the latest news on Dochia trends, the things that matter, and how you can use design in style them to improve your life.

2. Winning the IDA award, awards, and glory galore!

By far one of the best ego-boosting and mood-elevating experiences is winning an award and international at that. We’ve been so humbled and grateful to share the winning podium in the annual International Design Competition in L.A. with global design icons such as Emilio Pucci, Alexander McQueen, and Karim Rashid!

Head over to our website to see the winning design here.
And watch the YouTUBE backstage VIP preview


3. Two-category finalist in the Design et Al international competition in London, U.K.

And as if L.A. were not enough, we’ve been named finalists in two categories in this well esteemed European competition

Head over to our website to see the project here

4. Published work in Reno and Décor, Acmo, Condo Life

If you’re following my blog or any of the social media segments I do, you already know by now that I have a lot to say about design and life. This year it’s been an honour to continue my collaborations with Reno and Décor and Condo life and have the opportunity to have more than 5 articles published in their print and online editions. To add to that, this fall I’ve written a nifty article in ACMO’s quarterly on fraud in condo renovations – read it and beware!

Take a look at all here

5. Accolade projects in the residential high-rise development sector

It feels like yesterday when we started to expand into multi-unit condos and I cannot say that we are newbies in the high-rise world anymore. After more than ten years in the sector and with over fifteen high-rise projects in the GTA we’re starting to get noticed and it will only go up from here! Stay tuned for all the cranes raising in the city with our name on it!

6. Luxurious home interiors

My team and I create refined and comfortable interiors by buildings beautiful connections between people and their surroundings. With homes between 4,000sf and 15,000sf, the value that we add to the quality of living is tangible and noticeable. The luxury of today is living a healthy life in a healthy home that makes you the best person you can ever be. Don’t kid yourself that you’re home has no powers over you -now, more than ever.

Various projects designed by Dochia | Photography by Chris Harrison and Peter Sellar

7. Testimonials and reader’s comments

So pleased to read your comments – there is nothing more beautiful than having your efforts recognized. Here are some of the things some of you had to say:

8. Our audience is up by 300% – thank you all for your support!

We went from a few hundred to over 8000k followers across all our platforms! Thank you all for joining my big design family! And if you’re not in, get on board on insta, linkedin, trending newsletter, this blog and last but not least! YouTUBE

9. My YouTUBE channel is in its toddler phase:

Adriana Mot, interior designer at large

I don’t know about you, what you did with your year of covid if you’ve learned something new if you’ve grown professionally or personally. I hope you have not squashed your dreams under the pressures of the times – and if you did, it’s not too late to up yourself from that!

I for one I decided to join the YouTube family where I will show you how I imagine the spaces that I design, how I use travelling to boost my mind, what I think about the things important in life, and what is it that I value.

Check it out here and please subscribe if you like what you see, help me reach my next goal of 200 subscribers!


10. Grateful for remaining in business in these tumultuous times!

It is with immense gratitude that I write this to you from the same position that I’ve been in for the past twenty-one years, the Principal of Dochia interior design. A company that I’ve built from nothing into something, that has fed my family and that of my staff, that has built wonderful furnishings, interiors, and architecture in Toronto and abroad.

And it is with proudness that I write you that we will continue to do so. Visit our website HERE and let me know what you think.


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