Today I’ll be short. Some days are just like this. Busy, screeching painfully at the speed of seconds passing by, bloated seconds, full of the swell of thoughts and chores, ambitions and fears, too busy to notice each other. Seconds are droplets isolated and estranged, unaware of belonging all to one life, my life. Sifting…

2020 / the biggest crisis of our life time?

Is 2020 the biggest crisis of our life time? Possibly. And hopefully! I certainly am not looking at having another major negative event that is bigger than this one!   And now the challenge we all share is to devise mechanisms to cope with the aftermath. We’ve all undergone fundamental lifestyle changes that are out…

My favourite design details embodying femininity

Femininity and feminism don’t need to be antonyms. Now that’s a mouthful, yet there is no better way to put it. Identity is so important. Aside from belonging, humans need to know who and what they are and who do they resemble. We need assurances, constant check-ins that what we do and how we do…

Three tips for a healthy home during seclusion

Get ready to self-assess how healthy your home is and what you can do about it. While some feel that the terrifying situation at hand is paralyzing, there is nothing better than carving your own pattern of normality to get you thru it. So take action and use these tips as a positively practical distraction. From the three tips for making your bedroom a relaxing oasis to how to properly declutter, use your home to the fullness and make it part of you, not just a hotel room to spend the night.

A newly found nostalgia of travel

As if we did not have enough nostalgia in the world, now we’ve been exposed to more, through deprivation. Nothing like something being taken away, making us want it more. As we now move to a new year of school and gear toward the shorter days of winter, most of us carry a sense of…

The last days of summer, wrapping up the imposed leisure and what we did with it

As summer dwindles to an end and leaves the tumult of this year’s events settled, I cannot help but wonder if without them would we have ever had the pleasure of lazy purposelessness. The kind of boredom a lover seduces you with, wrapping you slowly, so slowly that you do not recognize the exact turning moment when you’ve left your swirling daily routine and gave yourself to healing calmness. It is a different form of wellness, a self-induced yoga of the mind that you yourself are able to summon, a self-healing ritual that should be periodically performed.

Long weekend Mondays

Like a big jewelled pendant on the beautiful neck of a passer-by, long weekend Mondays are fast-fading precious gems. I often wonder what people usually do on such days. 

Decorate your home not your house

There is not one fits all, otherwise, we will all be living in Russian tanks. Houses are so much more than that and they become our homes when we do give them our love and attention.

Ode to winter ski

Winter is probably the most controversial season. Everyone seems to agree that summers are fun, falls are romantic and springs refreshing yet with winter, its a love-hate relationship.