Today I’ll be short. Some days are just like this. Busy, screeching painfully at the speed of seconds passing by, bloated seconds, full of the swell of thoughts and chores, ambitions and fears, too busy to notice each other. Seconds are droplets isolated and estranged, unaware of belonging all to one life, my life.

Sifting through my fingers each second, on its own, on its own merit, trying to be noticed and remembered.

A day full of reward and exhaustion. An end of the week filled with tasks – to the brim. Some completed, some postponed yet weekend, the all deserving weekend is here to enjoy.

Photo curtesy of Phil Desforges through Unsplash

What is time other than us split into millions of pieces doing millions of things?

When is it that one actually decides that they have too much going on? Is it when it’s exhausting? No. we can go on.

Is it when you stop enjoying what you do? Maybe.


Photo curtesy of Piron Guillaume through Unsplash

The speed of things you move, is what you are and the speed you set is your own. The day I’ve learned that I can control how fast I move through life was the day when I had paused and smiled at myself.
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