What Italian cities and design awards in L.A. have in common

Dear F.T.,

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Italy. My feet are missing the round cobblestones soaked in the smell of morning espresso that is infusing the already perfumed Mediterranean air.

There is nothing like a deep breath of air in that sea-surrounded country. You can almost see the molecules, swirling happily around your nose in a pleasant, olfactory dance so beautiful that it renders all your senses mesmerized.

Carlo Scarpa’s Brion cemetery | Photography by Erica Greco courtesy of Unsplash

And you know me. As an architect, my travel trips are unlike that of most. Yes, I do the tours, I enjoy the food, I absolutely love the shopping!

Yet while I’m doing all that, I meander aimlessly, my mind clinging on details and accents like a trapeze artist flying up and grabbing the bars as they come. That moment, when your hands have no bar, where your body is suspended and flowing free toward the next catch, is where inspiration forms.

Photography by Ilaria de Bona courtesy of Unsplash

Where the thought, the idea is stimulated by your eye, where your mind starts to make something that is undefined yet its magic is touching you.

F.T., I wish you could feel that. It’s an incredible feeling, one of power and fulfillment.

Design by Dochia | Photography by Peter Sellar

And when that which you make gets an award, as is my case with this beautiful interior metal gate that won Bronze at IDA in L.A. (International design award), it is amazing to track back its path and find where all the inspiration came from, the spark that years after, like on a switch, turned on and fired up a beautiful artifact.

Goodbye ’till next trip,

F.T. = Fellow Traveler


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