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“Sometime in the summer of 1986, after a lot of debating and obsessing over how I would like to spend my life, I made the decision to become an architect. It was a decision like any other and at the time, not bigger nor smaller, whose long-term implications I was not looking to grasp. I was fifteen years old.”


. . .  [from the draft of An Impeccable lifestyle, my book! slated for publication this year] – ps… if you followed my TRENDING page 👉 I told ya’ there will be a surprise in July..😀

Spain with it’s many steps and turns of a small town north of Barcelona

“I don’t really know how it happened. There were a lot of little steps that I took. From what seemed like that small yet big decision in high school, turning to architecture and choosing it as a profession, to what is now a decade-old and established design studio and twenty-five years of design practice. Some were filled with unwanted surprises but mostly filled with fantastic outcomes of many more decisions that shaped its success.

Me in Carcassonne, Southern France – A beautifully preserved medieval fortress, tree-less , with all around you built in stone. A unique connection and feeling

The act of building is as close to God as one can get. Whichever God one worships is irrelevant. They are all creators. They are all makers. So are architects. So are interior designers. They cloak your soul and extend your body’s bearings by weaving proximities we sense and respond to. We are affected by surroundings more than we know and only now we’re starting to discover this connection and explore and understand how it happens.”

The Dali museum in Figueres

“To that effect, I am the magician, the perfume maker. The one that takes your wishes, and mixes them into something that makes you a better you. “

Dochia, the story ✨ coming in 2021..

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