The cult of wine – introduction to a fulfilling lifepath and what could come with it

My letter to the wine traveler in you..

Dear fellow wine lover,  searcher of all things exquisite in life,

Wine travel can teach you a lot about how to live well while welcoming you into a cult-like no other. It sets you up for experiences that move imagination and fuel creativity in a way that no other travel does. Exploring wineries, with their magnificent settings, highly focused tasting rituals, and carefully manicured grounds can offer a deep lesson of personal growth.

Opus Winery, Napa Valley, Image courtesy of Dochia Media

Winemaking is, essentially, milking mother nature of its sweetest fruit and turning it, with enormous pride, into a powerful aphrodisiac. Can there be any stronger ego-boosting, fulfillment-filling lifestyle drug? I wonder if winemakers live longer than anyone else because they sure have all the ingredients for it. We, the outsiders, can only briefly partake through the almost flirtatious experience of tasting.

Cuvaison Winery, Napa Valley, Image courtesy of Dochia Media

Particular wines are, like their makers, a cult in themselves. Barolo, Sine Qua Non, Romanee-Conti, Masseto. I naturally did not taste any of their top labels nor do I hope to any time soon. The price of these wines is beyond sensible and more than that, I fear that my palette would not justify the fineries of their offering.

There is nothing sadder than being faced with the most marvellous experience and not realizing it.

But in the meantime, as I’m working my way up to it, I’m training my tastebuds to reach the sophistication required to appreciate such wines. And while I do that…

I’m working on a series of fragments based on my wineries travels to date and I’m looking forward to sharing with you the moods that they’ve inflicted upon me, the joy of the trips, the inspiration that they gave me, and the spaces that I consequently designed. All this, soon to come, in 2022, on the Blog and YouTUBE channel. I hope you will subscribe and anticipate it as much as I do.

Image courtesy of Dochia Media

Let me show you how to look, what is there to see, and how to turn winery travel into a lesson of high entertainment.  When you’re at home and choose to bring out that cult bottle or, realistically, maybe the runner-up, the taste experience can be elevated through the setup of the space as much as it is at the most refined winery. You just need that bit of extra to make your room and table design a contributing factor to one of the most coveted gustatory and olfactory experiences.

Until then,


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