The Canadian cottage reinvented, Drake Devonshire, Prince Edward County, PEC

A staple activity of the Canadian lifestyle, the escape to the cottage sets the weekend entertainment tone of many Toronto families. ‘Modest’ and ‘cozy’ are the typical characteristics associated with the architecture, the interior, and the immediately surrounding landscape. Here family and friends gather to spend quality time together, share meals, stories, and oftentimes, a dip…

Thirst and water are only the same thing if you’re a fish

I remember the days when I was a teen. Those were the days that followed a childhood of school-going with the key around my neck, of coming home by myself from the 10-minute walk, then making lunch before my parents got back from work, then set down and doing homework only to be ready to…

Retrospective 2020: A look the top 12 stories that made my year

📽📌There is no countdown to the new year if you don’t tally up the old year!✓ There is incredible satisfaction in gratitude, especially the kind of gratitude one feels for things well done. It is not a polished gem that sparkles in your face, that you see at every turn or carry proudly in your…

Why constant learning is important and what it does to your brain

We typically think of school age as learning and all that follows, as something else. That ‘something else’ is the honing of more or less repetitive tasks that make up our lives. And as we increasingly enjoy the pleasure of getting better at them, we tend to spend less and less time acquiring new activities,…

A newly found nostalgia of travel

As if we did not have enough nostalgia in the world, now we’ve been exposed to more, through deprivation. Nothing like something being taken away, making us want it more. As we now move to a new year of school and gear toward the shorter days of winter, most of us carry a sense of…

The last days of summer, wrapping up the imposed leisure and what we did with it

As summer dwindles to an end and leaves the tumult of this year’s events settled, I cannot help but wonder if without them would we have ever had the pleasure of lazy purposelessness. The kind of boredom a lover seduces you with, wrapping you slowly, so slowly that you do not recognize the exact turning moment when you’ve left your swirling daily routine and gave yourself to healing calmness. It is a different form of wellness, a self-induced yoga of the mind that you yourself are able to summon, a self-healing ritual that should be periodically performed.

How to do virtual travel right

In the post-pandemic world, virtual travel may be the thing but how is it really different than watching National Geographic or any other tv show on travel? Why these do not work as virtual travel experiences is because they lack the immersiveness of actually being there.

The water garden

As I watch San Francisco’s Market Street coming alive at dawn, amid it all I stumble onto a beautiful fountain. Water is pushed up to the top where a thin brass plate ads a sparkle. There it bubbles softly before pressing moving patterns into the glass as it slides off back into the ground. 

The bright colours of Valladolid Mexico

In 1543 Francisco de Montejo arrived, wiped out an old Mayan town and founded Valladolid in its place. A few centuries later, the Mayans took it back.

Beach Christmas morning in Melbourne

If you are part of the Florida-goers North Americans and based on that, you think you know how Christmas is in all hot places you are mistaken. With all the heat and beautiful waters, these trips do not prepare you for what one finds in the land down under.