The tub or the shower, the waterfall or the pond, an eternal dilemma

Despite the final choice, which, inevitably and with very few exceptions, is the shower, every one of my clients that renovated bathrooms went through the mini or full-fledged agony of considering both. And that is not because of some flimsy let’s do our homework before we jump approach, not even because of real-estate considerations, which,…

How to make most out of your morning ritual when you share the bathroom with your partner PART 3

Consider separating the water closet If your partner needs to rush in for a few seconds while you’re at the sink or in the shower, this is, mentally, less of an interruption. With the WC out of the way you can also do a lot more with the bathrooms design like spread the rest of…

How to make most out of your morning ritual when you share the bathroom with your partner, part 1

Let’s face it, we all want a bathroom of our own. From small grooming rituals to the pleasure of enjoying water on our skin, to the five minutes of peace and quiet away from a busy household, bathrooms can give it to you all. This expected convenience of modern living offers easy body hygiene maintenance…

Best Cooking setup to siZZle up!

Cooking is a pleasant activity only if you have the right tools and if you can minimize the need to clean after you’re done. Which tools those are, vary with the cook but it is safe to assume that non-stick frying pans are on everyone’s list. Add to that wooden spoons and transparent lids and…

Go (toilet) paperless

Do you know what the positive side of not having toilet paper is? I thought in light of the unexplainable local panic over toilet paper I should shed some light on how some bathrooms can make a difference when shortages are high.

Smart Kitchens – the difficult corners

Modular built-ins are a type of furniture that is affixed to the walls or floors of a room. In an effort to maximize work surface and create a practical blend of interior architecture and the needs of a functional kitchen the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens seemed a great idea. And they were, except that the one or two corner scenario posed big problems. 

Smart Kitchens: The appliance garage

The notion that kitchens are machines for living originated roughly in the 50’s and had fully developed in the 60’s, when the cooking space was perfected to an unprecedented efficiency. But what we now take for granted has not always been so.