A Wicked Kind Of Review

The complexity of art, especially the multilayered world of theatre, lies in the weaving of its tools to deliver the message. Audiences tend to focus on the acting and the words and think of sets as background. This play says as much through its set as it does through the plot.

Gershwin theatre is one of the largest theatres on Broadway. Built in the 70s, it has a simple proscenium arch and not a lot of character compared to the more ornate historical venues. The set designers of Wicked, an architect and engineer, looked upon this as an opportunity. Instead of a backdrop for the performance, they built elements of the story directly into the set. The proscenium is entirely overshadowed by a gigantic clock- dragon marionette that can move by way of pulleys and ropes, extending the realm of Oz engagingly toward the audience.

Images courtesy of Dochia Media

This is a fragment from the Land of Dochia Monthly Focus series, first published in Land of Dochia, Issue #4 (monthly digital periodical)

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