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We are glued to our phones, iPads and laptops in every place of the house. The kitchen table. The tv couch. The bed. The office. Even the garage, at that moment when you’re right to get out of the car yet you want to give a few more seconds to the virtual self.

The more news foams at the top of the hour, the more relentless is the search for those quiet seconds of checking in, of verifying if anything popped up or not.

Oakville Interior by Dochia Interior design

While it is rare that we look for a quiet spot for every moment of checking in, it is a blessing in disguise to have that precious nook, the blissful mix of comfort and solitude where the mind wonders and the flow of one story after another unravels the pressures of the day and lays them down defeated on the floor.

Oakville Interior by Dochia Interior design

A comfortable heirloom chair is one of those blessings in disguise. It’s there, it’s been there forever, now it’s yours and it can, with a little bit of help, be a handsome way to cherish these moments. An ottoman I find is an absolute must – the small wheels give it just enough shift to make your position more comfortable.

And who knows, you may be even falling into a power nap and who does not appreciate those!
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