Stylishly laid back, the new kind of casual


A new kind of casualness

What is casualness but the relaxed and unconcerned manner we inherently have without the filter of conventions and care of others?

Have you defined what this is for you? How are you most comfortably dressed? What’s your “thing”, that which does it for you, that which you indulge in that relaxes you? Is that a solo activity or one that you like sharing? Are there more?

I find that very few ask this of ourselves in a deliberate and truthful manner. Try it. We will be more successful if we understand what makes us comfortable and only then, will we be able to set up our environment in such a way as to nourish that the most.

A certain amount of casualness is essential to a relaxed mind and a recharged self.  It goes without saying that you cannot be casual in a space where you are uncomfortable. And since being casual and being comfortable go hand in hand, homes are now on the brink of embracing a new kind of casualness.

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What’s in it for me?

We dress for coworkers. We clean house for guests. We make ourselves attractive to attract mates. We keep our posture. We ponder our words before we speak them.. at least sometimes. We are careful with our table manners out of respect for others.

What do we do with ourselves – for ourselves?

Sure, some of us take pleasure from doing these actions not just for the convention or pleasure of others, but also for our own. Some of us take pleasure in seeing others, especially the ones close to us, drop their guard down, becoming relaxed, showing the rougher part of themselves to us.

One of the greatest pleasures is to be able to go every day to a home that you enjoy and connect with.

Stylishly laid back

This year the casualness that we’ve almost been forced into together with the need for a glamour relapse generate an aesthetic that is already a big player on the trend stage – the stylishly laid back.

One that combines a caj backdrop with a choice for awesome extravagance and with that, it brings down the formality and raises comfortableness to a middle ground where they meet with surprise and a new language. it is a level that formal design did not have before, where it is possible to have a comfortable and casual space that is also high-end and glamorous.

Soft earthy tones, plush textures and moody, uneven sheens build up a sophistication that imposes its own dynamic and forms a style in its own right.

courtesy of dochia interior design

Is it for you?

For those who seek to carve a home of  this kind consider this:

Buy linen bedding and enjoy its wrinkles
Mix natural materials and earthy tones, with vibrant accents fuchsias or other bold, high saturated colours
Use subdued and muted colours in all spectrum of colours and let them share that dusty, unfused feel
get plush furniture with boucle fabrics
use minimal, modern lighting with soft diffusers and beautiful shapes
courtesy of dochia interior design

This article was first published on part of the INTROSPECTION, May 2021 series // Dochia Living

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