How to make most out of your morning ritual when you share the bathroom with your partner, part 1

Let’s face it, we all want a bathroom of our own.

From small grooming rituals to the pleasure of enjoying water on our skin, to the five minutes of peace and quiet away from a busy household, bathrooms can give it to you all. This expected convenience of modern living offers easy body hygiene maintenance and, if done right, serenity and mood correction to last you throughout the day.

But if you share it with another person, bliss is harder to get.ย  To get the peace and quiet in a shared bathroom is quite a bit of a dance since you can’t really imagine you’re by yourself when you’re not.

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Never mind that, but even simple things like an improper level of cleanliness of the sink right in front of you, or having your stuff intertwined with that of your partner, child or sibling can be unpleasant.

My daughter when she was 11 and we shared a bathroom wrote me a very nice note one day that started with:

“Dear Mother, I’ve changed up some things in the bathroom: your stuff is on the left and mine is on the right. Please don’t touch my stuff.”

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Because spatial perception is crucial in the success of your morning ritual, anything that messes that up, interrupts it unpleasantly. The flow and balance of our senses is strongly dependant on the visual order and tactility of the space we’re in, especially when that space is the washroom.

So how does one make the most of a shared one? Stay tuned for part two in October to find out!

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