Quick living room freshen up

If you think of all the decorating shows one enjoys watching on tv, they are more about the process of design than the end product. A process that is made pleasurable and entertaining to watch and participate. You can always grab a magazine or browse the internet, in order to see the end result, you don’t need to watch a show. But you watch it because you enjoy the excitement of transformation.

Bold colour combos in furniture

What I love about the trips around town is that no matter what you’re looking for in stores, you always find some unexpected pieces. Like these beautiful Hermes orange bar stools from Barrymore. The brass accents give them just a slight sofistication.

Furniture that mixes the old and the new

Tables are by now as old as time. And yet, they get continuously reinvented. What a wonderful mix of stainless steel and raw cut wood to create a unique and adaptable piece.

2015 – my favourite hues of Blue

With 2016 coming just around the corner, it is a good time to look at one of my favourite colours and how it is used in 2015. Fascinatingly flexible, blue is unlike other colours. It can look as good in a light, breezy hue with greenish or purplish tones, or paired with a right grey, like…

Tolix, Marais Chair

An icon of industrial design, this chair is among few that have been part of our early twentieth-century design heritage. French designer Xavier Pauchard that was one of the pioneers of galvanization shortly after World War I. He established TOLIX as a registered trademark and focused on household items made using this process. Featured at…

Artistic Furniture

Out of the box in manufacturing is hard to do. A chair if you can’t sit on it, is it still a chair? I would say ..no Jinil Park is the author of sketched-like furniture. How great is this bed! or these tables inspired by galloping horses.  

The Modern Bedroom

Often-times I get asked to select bedding for contemporary homes; this seems to be challenging to many owners. Aside from the white, the creams, the solid-coloured linens there is little out there that can make or accentuate the modern look of a bedroom. One of the reasons lies beyond bedding: modern interiors are more than…

Outdoor furniture

Beautiful pieces for the long, sunny days of summer. From colour, to shape … find your own and indulge.

Modern kids in modern rooms

Colour and brightness are great for young hearts. A great example of successful use of colour and shape.

Milan Design Week 2015

One of the most anticipated design events of the spring. From their official site: “Today, materials are viewed not merely as substances that make up objects but as entities worth investigating for their undiscovered potential.” Axo-light lamps – Euroluce: “Materials are getting smarter, the range is expanding, and we’re questioning the limits of use and…