Happy Earth Day and how to think about the flowers that decorate your table

There is no better day than today to be mindful of the cycle of life that keeps our planet alive. In the post-industrial age we live in, we in the north-western hemisphere, are perceptually disconnected from the resources of our existence. This has a big impact on how we do everything, from waste to decorating our homes.


Most of us urbanites don’t see the egg coming out of the hen daily, right before we make our omelet. Apparently innocent, this little disconnect – and the like with many other things – does alter your perception of what is, or not, directly connected to your livelihood.

Advocacy groups of all kinds are busy reminding us to preserve water, be mindful of local food sources, do our part to nourish the ecosystem that we belong to.

Images courtesy of DOCHIA MEDIA

I thought a great way to contribute to today’s Earth Day is by raising a little awareness that may change you in a small, but meaningful way – and that is learning to admire the flowers on your table, or elsewhere in your home, in a new light:

It is highly likely they are local, seasonal, and you buying them supports a business that is not too far from you. They contribute to your well-being by changing your mood if you let them. They have a life to be nourished and cherished and like you, that is limited. They enjoy the sun and water, like you. And they bring joy to a household as should you 🙂

Interior by Dochia Interior Design \\ Photography by Andrew Mason \\ Flower arrangement by @lesfleursdelise_

The florist business has been booming during the pandemic. As people pay closer attention to the beauty of their surroundings, flowers give you that easy and pleasant opportunity to cheer up at the imminent coming of the spring!

Happy Earth Day!
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