Alfresco Cheese, the perfect presentation and dining just south of the 45th parallel

On average, in Ontario, the frost-free season starts somewhere around the 23rd of March and ends on the 31st of October. In its window of 161 days, the flurry of life outside most Canadian homes is in sync with the season, ripping the benefits of a warmer sun, flower beauty and much-needed positive energy. Part…

Happy Earth Day and how to think about the flowers that decorate your table

There is no better day than today to be mindful of the cycle of life that keeps our planet alive. In the post-industrial age we live in, we in the north-western hemisphere, are perceptually disconnected from the resources of our existence. This has a big impact on how we do everything, from waste to decorating…

Fifteen minutes of domestic pleasure

This is an ode to the Everyday, the normal day, the one that tends to get ignored, the one that you want past while you reach the special ones faster, that day, that ordinary one that fills most of your life, the one that should get the most attention.

Beach Christmas morning in Melbourne

If you are part of the Florida-goers North Americans and based on that, you think you know how Christmas is in all hot places you are mistaken. With all the heat and beautiful waters, these trips do not prepare you for what one finds in the land down under.

Al Fresco Modern Table Decor

Aaaa-almost smelling the summer…a day here, a day there, some would say you feel it in your bones, the non-gradual, rather chaotic back and forth seasonal change that is so typical in Ontario: one day sleeveless, one day parka. The teaser of summer days makes you think of .. Funky placemats The round mats from…