Ladies and Gents – welcome to the 2020 holiday season and the fun blabber that goes with it

A time to recap and plan ahead, see those you have not in a while, get yourself in shape and dress up in fancy clothes only to not fit in them after the holiday feasts and pleasures. Yes, that’s how it was – and will be again.

While not all will happen this year, certain things will stay the same. And for one thing, the casual vibe will crank up a notch and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


We know that nearly 70 percent of adults plan to dress up for the Holidays. With an outfit to die for, you surely can afford to not worry so much about the upkeep of a perfect home for guests.

I don’t know what you think but there is something about a controlled mess that exudes charm and pleasantness and covered armchairs are definitely part of that package. Some people feel that an orderly house is soothing, some find it sterile.

But for those that like the odd what-not in the middle of the room and could not be bothered to really tidy up, this is a relaxing time, as they do not have to be anxious about changing their habits for the immanent guests.

And yet when the big day comes best is to concentrate all attention on the food and drinks, set up a killer table spread and enjoy good old jokes and laughter with a fantastic menu and your family. Plus maybe a few others on zoom …

It will definitely be different. That we know. But no reason for it not to be perfect.

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