Blue Fall – say what?

Everything in moderation as long as it has a little bit of blue, have you not heard the saying? Well.. if you didn’t, you do now. It is irrelevant if it exists or not because it should! With 2023 just around the corner, you better get your blues straight and get ready to spice up the fall look of your home.

Fall colours can get boring…  Pumpkin this and pumpkin that, ochre, rusts, spiced up browns; are we not slightly tamed by this combo every year after year? As beautiful as it is, how many times can we do one thing over and over again without some variation? Hear me out: take a little blue and add it into the mix; then step back and take a look at how amazing everything turns out!

For the past few years we’ve been seeing Blue gently nudge out the ubiquitous Black, and bustling into all colour schemes possible. So why not a little gust of blue wind to swirl up the warm and fuzzy fall? Fascinatingly flexible, blue is unlike other colours. Perhaps there is a secret for it never going out of style. 🤔

It can look as good in a light, breezy hue with greenish or purplish accents, or paired with a deep rust; a true cobalt blue reminiscent of southern France, or the whole gamma of fresh marine hues pair well with gold or slightly rotten leafy browns; exploding in palatial glory, the soft pastel of baroque classics combine so well with corals; a nature-inspired look splashed with sky-blue and the deep and enigmatic hues of Dust, go so well with straw yellows.

Now, does that not look so much better? Here, now you try it!

What’s your favourite blue and where would you wanna put it if you had a say?

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Written by Adriana Mot
Artwork and graphics by Jessica Cornacchia

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