Ode to winter ski

Winter is probably the most controversial season. Everyone seems to agree that summers are fun, falls are romantic and springs refreshing yet with winter, its a love-hate relationship.

Saying goodbye to winter

As we say goodby to winter, here is one of my favourite Christmas decorated houses of this season.

My 2 cents on Niagara Falls

Nature is encompassing beauty that nobody questions. Few beautiful things have such a universal following. Up there on the list, Niagara Falls is a force of nature to reckon with. Poorly emphasized from the surrounding built environment point of view, there is hope that someday the city will revitalize and allow for better design to…

The cliche of winter travel

Pressed with the power of winter, the supposedly doom and gloom of winds and snow, we are all pushed toward better, warmer and distant lands. The liberation-lure of winter travel is so ubiquitously inserted in every little piece of news, broadcast, radio blip that it is hard to avoid it not moulding your belief to its truthfulness. Winter…