2018, a Retrospective

2018 has been the year of many conundrums. Innocent yet unmistakably urgent, happenstances of everyday sift through time, moulding it to their liking. Yet I’m looking back and amidst all that, as always, wonderful life comes through strong with beautiful memories and many accomplishments.

Biscuit Oak

If you are to have a picnic on your living room floor, consider a food-inspired pattern like the Biscuit Oak by Patricia Urquiola for Listone Giordano. Fun and food will always inspire.

The augmented reality and Pokemon Go

Virtual reality – we all know what it is by now. Its intersection with the real world has been pretty clear and controlled. Even in the three-dimensional version, you always had clear boundaries between the two. While augmented reality is not new conceptually, it’s been mass-introduced this summer thru the game that took over the…

Interior Design Trends, 2016

2016 will be all about personalization in the context of streamlining and minimizing uselessness: lighter wood coloured floors brighter colour choices a no-nonsense, fluff-free approach to design healthy products wellness and ease of use while individualized choices and customization will continue.