Smart Kitchens – the difficult corners

Modular built-ins are a type of furniture that is affixed to the walls or floors of a room. In an effort to maximize work surface and create a practical blend of interior architecture and the needs of a functional kitchen the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens seemed a great idea. And they were, except that the one or two corner scenario posed big problems. 

IKEA Shopping finds

Ikea shopping in November is fun. All these interiors already set up, nothing to do but look for yours and take it home! Although I wish blackboards were that clean and neat when taken home; they have a mysterious way of getting too full. The closet section always my favorite. Some of these sliders are…

The life of a hanger

Hangers either get noticed, or disappear under their load. They proudly decorate the surface they are on, or grip their load just right to make that coat flow down in perfect folds. Often at the entrance, they greet you when you come in, and help you with your guest’s attire. They stand tall and don’t bend…

the kids, the basement, the storage and the gym

Part of Dochia’s USABLE WALLS Concept. One of the “funnest” projects: wrap-around-basement-built in starts in the playroom, wraps around in the rec room and ends with a narrow vertical storage in the gym.    Art-boards and black boards are incorporated in the wall paneling and heavily used. Modern, Functional and Smart Storage Design.