The US architectural symbol of democracy, Lincoln Memorial

Symbols are an evolving library of information that pulls us together into the same conversation. Many symbols go beyond religious and cultural markers that are recognized by all, while some need to be learned before they are used and understood.

The key ingredient in a symbol is meaning. Anything can be a symbol, if it has meaning and sufficient recognition or use, it will eventually make it into the library of symbols of a religion, nation, the western or the eastern world, or humanity.

Neoclassical architecture as it is present in North America and especially United States has been associated with many meanings out of which in the case of Lincoln Memorial is democracy.

Contemporary home in construction, Thornhill

One of the nicest characteristics of contemporary homes is the vastness of the windows. In this home here, we’ve picked up on this and carried it throughout the interiors in the brightness of wall colour, the glass railing, the breeziness of space around the fireplace. The dual colour of the contemporary kitchen adds deliberate contrast that visually…

Cottage on the lake, moving ahead

Cottages now, all about a comfortable enjoyment of exquisite landscape, friends and family, bathing and playing Moving towards completion, this particular pavilion is a bold play of colour, fossilized limestone, fabulous antler chandeliers, old country wood counters walk-in fresh showers laundry rooms not left for last and creative lighting

Getting ready for summer cottage

I love site visits to cottages in the winter. Not many lake cottages are populated once the snow settles in and the lake freezes in molecular patterns.   Mornings are softer here, the quietness of nature calming and making the coldest morning a warmer embrace. We’re getting through the rough-in stage when your brain makes…

On the act of Building…

Building is both, power and privilege. It should be treated it as such in order to achieve successful results. Belfry Tashkent jewelry Store

The spatial and functional luxury of master suites

Back ten years ago not many designers thought out of the box and I’m happy to be one of the few that were at the forefront of this phenomena. What has happened to the notion of the Master Bedroom closely replicates the early twentieth-century modernism in architecture. The bedrooms have literally exploded and fused with…

IDS 2106 – 6 highlights from The Interior Design Show, Toronto

Water vapour fireplace! humidifies the room as well! Cooktop – literally! Finally doors in all sizes – beautiful, from Bigfoot XL/XXL windows and doors Stunning glass art from Renato Foti The new urban kitchen, polished industrial from Scavolini Fabulous use of Ceasar stone in the centre lounge – Tom Dixon ICE

The art of Artsy Wallpapers

A well-chosen wallpaper can act as over-scaled art. Here is what to use for a strong visual impact in small and big rooms alike. It completely makes the space with minimal investment. Images from Visioni.    

Grand Staircases of Chicago – then and now

Daniel Burnham’s 1925 Union Station, is one of the last Beaux Art buildings in Chicago. It’s Grand Hall with the Tennessee marble staircase  was immortalized on film in the famous baby carriage scene from The Untouchables. .. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s Michigan Avenue Apple Store: All about Glass. I love its elegance and sophisticated simplicity. At the art gallery, complementing the outstanding…

5 projects by Herzog and deMeuron Architekten

A glimpse at the work of this talented team. …2001 Pritzker Prize in Architecture… The Rock Crystal Chandelier installed at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the objectified essence of their architecture of light and mass. Designed in 2005, you can trace it’s concept in the preceding architecture: 1998 – The Ricola Marketing Building [Laufen,…