Long weekend Mondays

Like a big jewelled pendant on the beautiful neck of a passer-by, long weekend Mondays are fast-fading precious gems. I often wonder what people usually do on such days. 

When busy is just too busy

For strongly motivated individuals the risk of becoming too busy to live is highest. Such individuals always push for the next thing and while the chase and win are always enjoyable, the ones that are truly successful are the ones that can break and refuel.

How is your gym’s ceiling?

Did you notice how gyms tend to have very uniform floors? It is common sense given the amount of equipment that needs to go on them. Some of the fun-designed ones though do tend to make up in excitement through their ceilings. After all, gyms need to be inspiring and conducive of energy and good…

New York Penthouse, in style – Jennifer Lopez

I love the breezy airy and soft feel of this residence. Soft colours and white especially, have the power to filter light in a very pleasant and calming, even rejuvenating way. No wonder this is the colour theme of many a spa. Minimalist kitchens, aside from perfect entertaining spaces, give you  a sense of powerful…