Ladies and Gents – welcome to the 2020 holiday season and the fun blabber that goes with it

A time to recap and plan ahead, see those you have not in a while, get yourself in shape and dress up in fancy clothes only to not fit in them after the holiday feasts and pleasures. Yes, that’s how it was – and will be again. While not all will happen this year, certain…

Beach Christmas morning in Melbourne

If you are part of the Florida-goers North Americans and based on that, you think you know how Christmas is in all hot places you are mistaken. With all the heat and beautiful waters, these trips do not prepare you for what one finds in the land down under.

Shopping season, getting the essentials and the ones you don’t need

When I shop for clients I never feel distracted. It is completely different when the buying becomes a part of a project. Professional buying applies a filter to browsing that confidently edits, reshuffles and combines the finds with all the other elements of the design, such as room wall colours, flooring finish lights and so forth, that I do not have with me when shopping.