Long weekend Mondays

Like a big jewelled pendant on the beautiful neck of a passer-by, long weekend Mondays are fast-fading precious gems. I often wonder what people usually do on such days. 

Ode to winter ski

Winter is probably the most controversial season. Everyone seems to agree that summers are fun, falls are romantic and springs refreshing yet with winter, its a love-hate relationship.

Al Fresco Modern Table Decor

Aaaa-almost smelling the summer…a day here, a day there, some would say you feel it in your bones, the non-gradual, rather chaotic back and forth seasonal change that is so typical in Ontario: one day sleeveless, one day parka. The teaser of summer days makes you think of .. Funky placemats The round mats from…

City Living

Don’t you just love the fact that we are a mature society? That we offer the best in both, a work and family environment, content with nothing but perfection or, realistically, the strive toward it, that we value the art of living and expect only the best?   Of course, what perfection is, it remains…

Decks in Summer

Isn’t this just about the time of the year when you suddenly realize that your deck is inadequate? That there is not enough room around the table to pass by nor can you fit a decent seating area where you can have more than three people seat and chat at a time?   One thing to…

Outdoor furniture

Beautiful pieces for the long, sunny days of summer. From colour, to shape … find your own and indulge.