The US architectural symbol of democracy, Lincoln Memorial

Symbols are an evolving library of information that pulls us together into the same conversation. Many symbols go beyond religious and cultural markers that are recognized by all, while some need to be learned before they are used and understood.

The key ingredient in a symbol is meaning. Anything can be a symbol, if it has meaning and sufficient recognition or use, it will eventually make it into the library of symbols of a religion, nation, the western or the eastern world, or humanity.

Neoclassical architecture as it is present in North America and especially United States has been associated with many meanings out of which in the case of Lincoln Memorial is democracy.

Direct from Puerto Plata

In between the over 2500 meters above sea level mountains carved with mysterious caves and the wide span beaches quiet in the sun, up on the north shore of the Dominican lies a story of lifestyle incomprehensible to most western civilization.

Condo lobbies II

I like keeping an eye on what designers think and what people respond to when it comes to transition-spaces. Those that we go thru and yet, seldom use for a long period of time. They tend to be presented, like an installation, a sculpture, or a room in a museum, their refinement and importance explained,…

Look again – National Art Gallery

We often find ourselves dismissive toward the familiar. The quest for novelty is socially promoted as a virtue, a higher aspiration; to the detriment of the well-known that is often associated with the banal, the boring. And we don’t want that. And yet the power of archetypes and clichés is indisputable. It’s almost like a…

Dochia renovates UNESCO Building in Transylvania

We’re excited at the unique opportunity to renovate and design the interior of the future Inn! The five-apartment Inn is part of the UNESCO Heritage center of the beautiful city of Sibiu, located in Transylvania, Romania. View of downtown: Panorama: The project as is: Views of Sibiu:   For more information on UNESCO Sites click here.  Wait for it it on airbnb to book your…

2015 – my favourite hues of Blue

With 2016 coming just around the corner, it is a good time to look at one of my favourite colours and how it is used in 2015. Fascinatingly flexible, blue is unlike other colours. It can look as good in a light, breezy hue with greenish or purplish tones, or paired with a right grey, like…

Harbingers of Failure, not as bad of a label as you would think

A catchy name indeed, I first heard it on the radio and was immediately interested. Maybe that is a give-away right there… A new study shows that the early adoption of new products by certain groups of people points to their potential failure. While at first this sounds like a bad label since you don’t want…

The art of travel

The fascination of travel has charmed the wondrous mind from Marco Polo and beyond. In his time, one traveled to learn and explore and to bring home a new way of doing things, a new way of life. Novelty had a different kind of value than from what we load it with now. It used to be a journey….

The art of Artsy Wallpapers

A well-chosen wallpaper can act as over-scaled art. Here is what to use for a strong visual impact in small and big rooms alike. It completely makes the space with minimal investment. Images from Visioni.