Why is your home able to boost or kill your mood

You know that scene in America’s Sweethearts when John Cusack complains about Catherine Zeta-Jones taking her new beau to “their restaurant”? As if by doing that, she’s poisoned all the dinners he had with her there in the past. Have you’ve experienced that? Did you ever wonder why that is? This is happening because we…

Best Cooking setup to siZZle up!

Cooking is a pleasant activity only if you have the right tools and if you can minimize the need to clean after you’re done. Which tools those are, vary with the cook but it is safe to assume that non-stick frying pans are on everyone’s list. Add to that wooden spoons and transparent lids and…

The never lost art of Weaving

In my world, we all had a grandma that was knitting. Among family chatter and laughter, with a big smile and all ears at all the talk around her, down on her lap, her hands moved fast kneading thread and needles into a flurry of seemingly chaotic storm. From it came the most neatly organized intertwine, artful patterns and bursts of colour. Fascinating.

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