Looking up and down a central Modern stair

While designing a stair, I always like to think and design the views up and down from it. Here is a recently completed glass railing contemporary stair and what you see when you look around!   looking up… and looking down..

Working with yellow

sun lemon strong happy warm blunt brave whimsical whatever you’re thinking, yellow is power

Plaster is not what you think anymore

Plaster is a finish undergoing a major revival. In the age of smart materials, the faux finishes take a fresh and exciting turn and plaster right there with them. Once only associated with churches of the past and palaces of dead kings, plaster can be modern and contemporary. This is a great example of such an…

Contemporary home in construction, Thornhill

One of the nicest characteristics of contemporary homes is the vastness of the windows. In this home here, we’ve picked up on this and carried it throughout the interiors in the brightness of wall colour, the glass railing, the breeziness of space around the fireplace. The dual colour of the contemporary kitchen adds deliberate contrast that visually…

Cottage on the lake, moving ahead

Cottages now, all about a comfortable enjoyment of exquisite landscape, friends and family, bathing and playing Moving towards completion, this particular pavilion is a bold play of colour, fossilized limestone, fabulous antler chandeliers, old country wood counters walk-in fresh showers laundry rooms not left for last and creative lighting

MODERN INDUSTRIAL, 16 ways to use steel doors

Reminiscing an older style and reinventing it in a contemporary context is fascinating. Add to that the mystery of doors, places of passage, offering glimpses of alternate possibilities, worlds to enter or escape from. Each room has a door, each room has a world in it. Whether we rest, bathe, entertain, cry, laugh, cuddle our children,…

Work area therapy – in the kitchen

Why have a counter, a backsplash tile and a simple duplex plug under the typical upper cabinets full of glasses and plates – just because this is standard and this is how it’s done. Love this simple and yet so different work area: backsplash – tile on one side + stone and beautiful view to the…

Switchable Glass

Now this is cool! A digital polymer that is conductive, turns transparency into opacity!

IDS 2106 – 6 highlights from The Interior Design Show, Toronto

Water vapour fireplace! humidifies the room as well! http://www.nerofiredesign.com Cooktop – literally! Finally doors in all sizes – beautiful, from Bigfoot XL/XXL windows and doors http://bigfootdoor.com Stunning glass art from Renato Foti http://www.renatofoti.com The new urban kitchen, polished industrial from Scavolini http://www.dekla.ca/#/featured/5 Fabulous use of Ceasar stone in the centre lounge – Tom Dixon ICE http://www.caesarstone.ca/en/Pages/default.aspx

Trendy/Retro baths

A new breed of retro is in: trendy is redefined with a flair of the old. Can you tell what makes this bathroom retro? Can you tell what makes it trendy? More to come…

Winter: welcome to the hot season!

I don’t know about you but radiators do come to mind on mornings like this when the weather not only does not get better, but promises to get hopelessly worse. Not surprisingly, beautiful radiators come from European manufacturers and many from UK. The older buildings are a clear-cut market for rads since they’re easily retrofitted….