Off-duty hero finds perfect coffee table at auction uptown

One of the most fantasized about designer tasks is their shopping on someone else’s dime. Can there be anything more wonderful than getting the ‘high’ of shopping beautiful things all the time and get paid for it on top of that?   But shopping, i.e., professional sourcing, is just so much more than that. Sometimes…

Rental buildings make a move toward upscaled corridors

Let’s face it, in this city you can own less and less for more and more. Rentals are a viable option for many and if you choose to rent, you still want to live well, get access to where you need to go and live the life that you want to live. That generally means…

Balance is everything – how to get your feature wall look great in just a few moves

Feature walls can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. As cliched as that sounds, getting one for yourself is not as complicated nor costly as you may think. What you need is to create visual balance by using the art technique called composition. Start by selecting the right wall. The key to that is…

Smart Kitchens – the difficult corners

Modular built-ins are a type of furniture that is affixed to the walls or floors of a room. In an effort to maximize work surface and create a practical blend of interior architecture and the needs of a functional kitchen the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens seemed a great idea. And they were, except that the one or two corner scenario posed big problems. 

Looking up and down a central Modern stair

While designing a stair, I always like to think and design the views up and down from it. Here is a recently completed glass railing contemporary stair and what you see when you look around!   looking up… and looking down..