Get inspired by Neural Knittworks

It never fails to amaze me.. how many ways one can work with and reinterpret knitting.. Here is an example of neural knittworks coming alive with colour

Some of my favourite stationery

the wonderful world of Hermes.. Perfect line from Oily.. Rotring… from a long time ago..   beauty from Valextra… and fancy from Horst..

Colour in interior design

Do you ever think of your interior as you think of your summer outfit – happy, bold, sunny and ready to live? once in a while… you should…

Sibiu, Transylvania, Unesco – work in progress!

What a wonderful business trip it is when you visit a fantastic city, work with amazing people and eat lots of great food! That pretty much summarizes my recent trip to Sibiu, Romania. Our project there is shaping up quite nicely, here a sneak peek: the courtyard is getting there, probably last to be paved due…

Colour affection transference to Design

As a child, you must’ve come across the question ‘do you dream in colour?’. I remember when I was asked that and thought, ‘is there anything else but colour?’ In high school I was slowly infatuated with greens, then blues, then orange and many more. Years later I discovered white and then in architecture school,…

Kitchens then and now – Victorian vs Contemporary

The middle of a room lends itself best to tasks that are social while its perimeter, to individual tasks. Oftentimes in the Victorian era meal preparation was a shared experience; multiple staff would prepare a single meal. It is only natural that they liked working in the centre of the kitchen where their primary work…

The power of White, Colour of the Year 2016

My favourite: White. There is no colour like it. It can equally successfully be: modern minimalist sophisticated organic opulent urban see-side fresh pure and friendly-institutional

2015 – my favourite hues of Blue

With 2016 coming just around the corner, it is a good time to look at one of my favourite colours and how it is used in 2015. Fascinatingly flexible, blue is unlike other colours. It can look as good in a light, breezy hue with greenish or purplish tones, or paired with a right grey, like…

Fabulous places for books

I can safely say that books are not on their way out. Not until reading is out all-together. The second we are able to assimilate information, and get the pleasure of a good novel from a different form then yes, books will eventually go. As the electronic age is getting firmly established reading gets however…

Colour Day and Night

What a playful sun we have. Look! How wonderfully different this same restaurant is, in day and in night.

Artistic Furniture

Out of the box in manufacturing is hard to do. A chair if you can’t sit on it, is it still a chair? I would say Jinil Park is the author of sketched-like furniture. How great is this bed! or these tables inspired by galloping horses.  

Accessorize your bathrooms

Fantastic options for great decorating impact from Gedy bath. Colour is a fun option and this fresh green would look trendy with a variety of tile colour combinations.   Red never fails.   Modern lines and interesting geometry go a long way without effort.