Remember the phone booth? Chat Loop..

Nostalgia often sparks creativity. Here is a novel take on the phone booth and the whole concept of private talk reinvented in a felt-covered hoodie fun in design at it’s best! and it comes in different colours with “x” stitching, another nostalgia element speaking of crafts, fabrics and hand-made items congrats for CHAT LOOP

Ivy Condos, growth to watch

Wave of Projects Making Their Way To June Community Councils   Included in this group is Ivy Condos by The Sher Corporation and Dream which is planned to rise to a height of 32 storeys on Mutual Street, south of Dundas.   full article HERE    

Condo refurbishment, work in progress

Here is how our adventurous carpet patterning is turning out in this condo refurbishment project! A carpet like this adds a lot of interest to interiors of corridors which by nature, are not that interesting. While this is not for a minimalist soul, it has an appeal that I find makes for quite a playful…

Personal Energy

Daily personal energy is limited, use it with care!   your mind would appreciate it and will pay you back! summer is great at recharging creative batteries. Live life in the sun, nothing like that spotlight!

A wonderful charm, homes of George Clooney

Traditional environments pose pleasure to the mind and soul – in interiors modernism is often associated with coldness .. Since I believe and practice a warm modernism mostly, it is essential that I take cues from tradition I like reinventing what tradition means, now, relevant taking an old english home and live in it is the…

Contemporary open concept home

Lots of wrap up for summer construction! Here is one home at my favourite construction stage –  drywall. Shape is there, no finishes in sight. Let’s you watch geometry at play

The geometry of a peacock

“The geometry of a peacock’s tail is more aerial: “The eyes in a peacock’s spread tail are situated at the intersecting point of a double cluster of spirals, that are apparently Archimedean spirals.” ― Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

The downfall of Creative work space

Meet the new workplace a space where playing is breaking from seriousness where that break is needed, valued and increasingly sought yet less we observe how by placing it in the centre, Play changes the meaning of work itself Weaving your day in and out of focus has many benefits and builds a superior system…

Al Fresco Accessories

Spring warm weather always comes with joy, sun and the want for outdoor entertainment. Fun and colorful accessories for the backyard or a picnic in the park add a happy touch to any meal. Here are four must haves: the aqua napkin holder by Guzzini Blown jug by same Oil and Vinegar cruet set by…