Welcome to my house!

This is the place where I live now. Where I have all my belongings, where I sleep and eat, keep my family safe, bring friends over, make love, laugh, cry, and heal when sick. It is the place where I shape and reshape my mind every day, as I grow older – and smarter, or…

Contemporary open concept home

Lots of wrap up for summer construction! Here is one home at my favourite construction stage –  drywall. Shape is there, no finishes in sight. Let’s you watch geometry at play

The ultimate bean-bag chair

Who in their right mind did not want a bean-bag chair at one point or another? Here are three fabulous ones to consider!

Decorating treats

Some planning never hurts; sizing what fits or not will save you a mistake or two. This is a sample from our design consults but even if not that detailed, basic measuring and sketching goes a long way. While shopping around….casual, comfy and very Continental, in many colours at Crate and Barrel West Elm is…