Best Cooking setup to siZZle up!

Cooking is a pleasant activity only if you have the right tools and if you can minimize the need to clean after you’re done. Which tools those are, vary with the cook but it is safe to assume that non-stick frying pans are on everyone’s list. Add to that wooden spoons and transparent lids and…

Go (toilet) paperless

Do you know what the positive side of not having toilet paper is? I thought in light of the unexplainable local panic over toilet paper I should shed some light on how some bathrooms can make a difference when shortages are high.

Smart Kitchens – the difficult corners

Modular built-ins are a type of furniture that is affixed to the walls or floors of a room. In an effort to maximize work surface and create a practical blend of interior architecture and the needs of a functional kitchen the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens seemed a great idea. And they were, except that the one or two corner scenario posed big problems. 

Smart Kitchens: The appliance garage

The notion that kitchens are machines for living originated roughly in the 50’s and had fully developed in the 60’s, when the cooking space was perfected to an unprecedented efficiency. But what we now take for granted has not always been so.

Luxury Baths

What makes it or breaks it in terms of a luxury bath, what is it that defines luxury when in a bathroom..thinking about what you could possibly do there, functions related to bathing seem to be the closest to luxury.. But what is luxury? It is an escape. It is a want, a need, an…

Kitchens then and now – Victorian vs Contemporary

The middle of a room lends itself best to tasks that are social while its perimeter, to individual tasks. Oftentimes in the Victorian era meal preparation was a shared experience; multiple staff would prepare a single meal. It is only natural that they liked working in the centre of the kitchen where their primary work…

The mystery of many bathrooms

Remember the days when the whole family shared the outhouse WC? Not that it was better, but are we not getting a bit extreme? There are many many reasons to have multiple bathrooms, even one per bedroom, extra powder room and so forth. They are in fact essential to big families and to those who…

2 – Island Kitchens

Some kitchens are too big, some too small, some just so. Some have islands some don’t, but not often one finds the opportunity to build a two-island kitchen. If you ever had one, you know that it is a pleasure to work and entertain in one. Plenty of room to set up, plenty of room to…

Accessorize your bathrooms

Fantastic options for great decorating impact from Gedy bath. Colour is a fun option and this fresh green would look trendy with a variety of tile colour combinations.   Red never fails.   Modern lines and interesting geometry go a long way without effort.