Go (toilet) paperless

Do you know what the positive side of not having toilet paper is? I thought in light of the unexplainable local panic over toilet paper I should shed some light on how some bathrooms can make a difference when shortages are high.

Luxury Baths

What makes it or breaks it in terms of a luxury bath, what is it that defines luxury when in a bathroom..thinking about what you could possibly do there, functions related to bathing seem to be the closest to luxury.. But what is luxury? It is an escape. It is a want, a need, an…

The mystery of many bathrooms

Remember the days when the whole family shared the outhouse WC? Not that it was better, but are we not getting a bit extreme? There are many many reasons to have multiple bathrooms, even one per bedroom, extra powder room and so forth. They are in fact essential to big families and to those who…

Accessorize your bathrooms

Fantastic options for great decorating impact from Gedy bath. Colour is a fun option and this fresh green would look trendy with a variety of tile colour combinations.   Red never fails.   Modern lines and interesting geometry go a long way without effort.

Double vanities under 5’ are a no-no

If you consider redoing your bath and, for market-sake, look into a double vanity that is under five feet long consider this:   to wash side by side you need 30” comfortably, minimum 24″ per person if you put two sinks in the vanity you are left with no counter-space; so if you really want to…