Games night at home and how to let the kids win graciously

Letter to the parent who wants to  set a perfect games night   time: any Friday night of your choosing place: once upon a home, in a house full of laughter and joy Dear parent,   This one will be an easy one. The kind that you need a stiff drink for and a lot…

Modern kids in modern rooms

Colour and brightness are great for young hearts. A great example of successful use of colour and shape.

the kids, the basement, the storage and the gym

Part of Dochia’s USABLE WALLS Concept. One of the “funnest” projects: wrap-around-basement-built in starts in the playroom, wraps around in the rec room and ends with a narrow vertical storage in the gym.    Art-boards and black boards are incorporated in the wall paneling and heavily used. Modern, Functional and Smart Storage Design.