The Canadian cottage reinvented, Drake Devonshire, Prince Edward County, PEC

A staple activity of the Canadian lifestyle, the escape to the cottage sets the weekend entertainment tone of many Toronto families. ‘Modest’ and ‘cozy’ are the typical characteristics associated with the architecture, the interior, and the immediately surrounding landscape. Here family and friends gather to spend quality time together, share meals, stories, and oftentimes, a dip…

Healthy eating and good cottage appetite

In order to have a healthy appetite and develop proper eating habits, stress is the number one enemy and relaxation is your best friend. And what better way to quickly relax, truly relax, than get yourself out there in the country-side and enjoy country-everything with its greens and soft sounds, the birds, the water and all those basic little pleasures that make for instant nature-therapy. While nature plays its part, architecture and design have an equally big role that is crucial in achieving a relaxing state. A break from the stress, a true break that has positive effects does not need to be long, but it does need to be effective. And that takes just the right design, the right people, or sometimes lack of, the right meal and the right sunset.

Cottage on the lake, moving ahead

Cottages now, all about a comfortable enjoyment of exquisite landscape, friends and family, bathing and playing Moving towards completion, this particular pavilion is a bold play of colour, fossilized limestone, fabulous antler chandeliers, old country wood counters walk-in fresh showers laundry rooms not left for last and creative lighting

Getting ready for summer cottage

I love site visits to cottages in the winter. Not many lake cottages are populated once the snow settles in and the lake freezes in molecular patterns.   Mornings are softer here, the quietness of nature calming and making the coldest morning a warmer embrace. We’re getting through the rough-in stage when your brain makes…

Is your cottage kitchen ready for a breakfast crowd

Looking forward to cottage season one needs to plan not only the meat for the supper barbecue but the eggs and bacon for the breakfast cooking. It is interesting to see how we streamlined the dinners and complicated the breakfast. From a cooking point of view, barbecue dinner has it’s benefits. You can split the prep tasks by…