My 5 favourite December treats

I am one of those people that never makes it to the hair salon because I don’t seem to ever be able to book an appointment. These hairdressers are so busy that it takes too much of compromising my own schedule in order to make anything work.

Shopping season, getting the essentials and the ones you don’t need

When I shop for clients I never feel distracted. It is completely different when the buying becomes a part of a project. Professional buying applies a filter to browsing that confidently edits, reshuffles and combines the finds with all the other elements of the design, such as room wall colours, flooring finish lights and so forth, that I do not have with me when shopping.

Milan inspired

We’re in for flamboyant interiors with vibrant brushstrokes inspired by the colour and pattern of the 2018 Milan Fashion Week.

Beautiful things, urinals

Let’s face it, some spaces or things are just simply more interesting than others. We spend more time in living rooms than we do in bathrooms, we like using nice table settings rather than camping ones. Good design is enjoyable in very different ways. Not all spaces get regular attention beyond functionality and requirements of all…

Plaster is not what you think anymore

Plaster is a finish undergoing a major revival. In the age of smart materials, the faux finishes take a fresh and exciting turn and plaster right there with them. Once only associated with churches of the past and palaces of dead kings, plaster can be modern and contemporary. This is a great example of such an…

In the Spirit of Valentines Day….

In the spirit of Valentines Day tomorrow and the cold bite we have here in Toronto, here is to the power of Red! One of our favorite reds, Caliente is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year. Currently being used at Edge Towers Condominiums.   Commercial and Residential Interior Design Source: inhouse — Dochia

Happy 2018, from all of us at Dochia!

With a new year comes a new start. We’re on to some positively exciting developments here at Dochia that will launch our Voice in the world of design beyond interiors. As a first step, we’re complementing this existing running blog with the Dochia News Feed that will strictly deal with the daily activities of the…

2017 the retrospective

A full year. As all years should be. The good, the bad and the ugly, the challenges and successes, the ups and the downs. A balanced concoction in time, a stable and comfortable base for a new year. May it be as full as the previous, with many more to follow. As for the highlights…

Shopping for a new 2018 look!

Outfits aside, interiors aside, time to update the blog look! As I browse and analyze where I’m going next with this, Check out the temp themes Triton Lite, Visual, Gazette; I will be flipping between my current December faves, here to stay for the holidays. Let me know if you have suggestions ! Get to…

IKEA Shopping finds

Ikea shopping in November is fun. All these interiors already set up, nothing to do but look for yours and take it home! Although I wish blackboards were that clean and neat when taken home; they have a mysterious way of getting too full. The closet section always my favorite. Some of these sliders are…