Milan inspired

We’re in for flamboyant interiors with vibrant brushstrokes inspired by the colour and pattern of the 2018 Milan Fashion Week.

The comeback of Bold Wallpaper

The days of outdated and difficult to deal with wallpaper are long gone. Now an industry favorite, wallpaper made a significant comeback in the past few years and the 2018 predictions show that it’s here to stay. Big, bold colorful prints are fun and make the space special. This lovely Farrow and Ball print is…

In the Spirit of Valentines Day….

In the spirit of Valentines Day tomorrow and the cold bite we have here in Toronto, here is to the power of Red! One of our favorite reds, Caliente is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year. Currently being used at Edge Towers Condominiums.   Commercial and Residential Interior Design Source: inhouse — Dochia

Spring inspiration

Sometimes the little things can provide a lot of insight, inspiration and the power to rebuild. Parks at the crack of spring, I find, are one of them.

The Interior Design Show, Toronto, 2017

the Sweep Fun, colourful, full of food and entertaining related products – for the true Foodie Era we’re in! Food can be design, presentation is everything. Aside from taste of course..but that begs the question, does it taste better because it is better presented?… smartest booth simplest ideas can often be powerful – the Bloom…

2016 Kitchen Trends in residential design

According to the design panel at the IDS 2016 Toronto, here are the trends + my take on them! Most of them do come from Europe and I have to say some of them have been around for… a while, over there. As a child and youth I actually saw some of these in real…

Is there a hardwood trend these days?

It’s all about boldness. Matte textured surfaces from wire brushed to water-based poly, to subdued oil finishes, planks of all widths – they are all in. It’s interesting to see how such a mix of characteristics produces yet a clear and definable trend: floors to be used and abused, easy to clean and maintain, with…

On Trends

A trend is a trend when it becomes mainstream. Sometimes this takes years. What it is before, is innovation.

Switchable Glass

Now this is cool! A digital polymer that is conductive, turns transparency into opacity!