What we had in the hut and lost when we moved to the palace

When we all lived in the hut all things were, apparently, simpler. Rooms were multi-functional, less to clean, less to maintain. There was no need to show off since everyone had a hut and nobody was either on the streets, nor in a palace. Leaders that presumably had bigger huts were not questioned, nor envied…

My favourite design details embodying femininity

Femininity and feminism don’t need to be antonyms. Now that’s a mouthful, yet there is no better way to put it. Identity is so important. Aside from belonging, humans need to know who and what they are and who do they resemble. We need assurances, constant check-ins that what we do and how we do…

Decorate your home not your house

There is not one fits all, otherwise, we will all be living in Russian tanks. Houses are so much more than that and they become our homes when we do give them our love and attention.

Quick living room freshen up

If you think of all the decorating shows one enjoys watching on tv, they are more about the process of design than the end product. A process that is made pleasurable and entertaining to watch and participate. You can always grab a magazine or browse the internet, in order to see the end result, you don’t need to watch a show. But you watch it because you enjoy the excitement of transformation.

Breaking the rules on lighting placement

Breaking the rules is invigorating, we all know that. Rethink what the chandelier or a suspended light can do to the room before you decide to place it smack where “it’s supposed to be”. Look how successfully it applies to these two beautiful spaces:

Plaster is not what you think anymore

Plaster is a finish undergoing a major revival. In the age of smart materials, the faux finishes take a fresh and exciting turn and plaster right there with them. Once only associated with churches of the past and palaces of dead kings, plaster can be modern and contemporary. This is a great example of such an…

A successful design project

If you are renovating your home, you are walking a fine line between the enthusiasm that such a project brings, the horror stories your friends tell you and the overwhelming feeling while facing the many choices you need to make. Realistic expectations go a long way. There is nothing but common sense that will make…

Patterns and patterns

Much to be said about patterns. Not for the shy at heart. All is true – they are fabulous! and not used enough. Despite their appeal, sometimes they’re hard to integrate. A couple here, translated into tile.

Wellness in Design as a way of life

We all heard of it by now. The Wellness concept has taken over the mainstream and it’s not shy about it. Wellness promotes physical and mental health as key ingredients to great quality of life.  Banking on the importance of a balanced and happy living, it stands for the pursuit of  healthy and emotional equilibrium….

Homes in Hot Climates

Light has a way to form shape like no other tool. I always like the way southern designers use light and shadow in shaping architecture and how the serene quality of water mixes with it.

High-end brands get competition

The time when the luxury market is an unquestioned establishment has come to an end. Trend reports show two important shifts: one, that the luxury market is increasing and second, that it is less populated by big brands and increasingly full of the lesser known. We tend to gear away from selecting based on recognition and move toward…