Patterns and patterns

Much to be said about patterns. Not for the shy at heart. All is true – they are fabulous! and not used enough. Despite their appeal, sometimes they’re hard to integrate. A couple here, translated into tile.

On the act of Building…

Building is both, power and privilege. It should be treated it as such in order to achieve successful results. Belfry Tashkent jewelry Store

Look again – National Art Gallery

We often find ourselves dismissive toward the familiar. The quest for novelty is socially promoted as a virtue, a higher aspiration; to the detriment of the well-known that is often associated with the banal, the boring. And we don’t want that. And yet the power of archetypes and clichés is indisputable. It’s almost like a…

Hip Restaurants

What makes them what breaks them? Well…food for one, needs to be good, well presented and different atmosphere = hip, fancy and comfortable not too noisy – this is my preferred, I still like the talking as part of the dining experience and yes, fancy bathrooms make for a good conversation at all times!  …

On Trends

A trend is a trend when it becomes mainstream. Sometimes this takes years. What it is before, is innovation.

Wellness in Design as a way of life

We all heard of it by now. The Wellness concept has taken over the mainstream and it’s not shy about it. Wellness promotes physical and mental health as key ingredients to great quality of life.  Banking on the importance of a balanced and happy living, it stands for the pursuit of  healthy and emotional equilibrium….

Switchable Glass

Now this is cool! A digital polymer that is conductive, turns transparency into opacity!

Homes in Hot Climates

Light has a way to form shape like no other tool. I always like the way southern designers use light and shadow in shaping architecture and how the serene quality of water mixes with it.

Jennifer Aniston – Celebrity Homes

What a clean, fresh and pleasant interior scheme! No mess, no fuss. In the Dining room blue is the accent colour of choice, not typical; makes a bit of a retro feel, love the risk The lounge – busy, but one space needs to be busy… this is truly ‘the girl next door’ bar; I can…

Homes of the famous: Tommy Hilfiger

Claiming decent from none other than Robert Burns, Tommy Hilfiger sets to take his haggis and scotch in a beautiful place he calls home. Here are a few shots of the iconic designer’s private place. If you like the style or not, if you wear the clothes or not, I always find it interesting to…