The geometry of a peacock

“The geometry of a peacock’s tail is more aerial: “The eyes in a peacock’s spread tail are situated at the intersecting point of a double cluster of spirals, that are apparently Archimedean spirals.” ― Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Al Fresco Accessories

Spring warm weather always comes with joy, sun and the want for outdoor entertainment. Fun and colorful accessories for the backyard or a picnic in the park add a happy touch to any meal. Here are four must haves: the aqua napkin holder by Guzzini Blown jug by same Oil and Vinegar cruet set by…

Fabulous Eclectic for Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

A beautiful interior that is lived in – gorgeously lit room and the other side: modest and so pleasant piece by piece, the room is full, with very little.. casual, cosy mix patched walls exposed wiring glowing tin ceilings and no uppers the friendliest of terraces city view at its best    

Spring inspiration

Sometimes the little things can provide a lot of insight, inspiration and the power to rebuild. Parks at the crack of spring, I find, are one of them.

Pretty Things

Impulse – Montreal-Lateral-Office James Beard Restaurant Design Awards – Bruno, NY City

Get inspired by Neural Knittworks

It never fails to amaze me.. how many ways one can work with and reinterpret knitting.. Here is an example of neural knittworks coming alive with colour

Colour in interior design

Do you ever think of your interior as you think of your summer outfit – happy, bold, sunny and ready to live? once in a while… you should…

Work area therapy – in the kitchen

Why have a counter, a backsplash tile and a simple duplex plug under the typical upper cabinets full of glasses and plates – just because this is standard and this is how it’s done. Love this simple and yet so different work area: backsplash – tile on one side + stone and beautiful view to the…

Biscuit Oak

If you are to have a picnic on your living room floor, consider a food-inspired pattern like the Biscuit Oak by Patricia Urquiola for Listone Giordano. Fun and food will always inspire.

New York Penthouse, in style – Jennifer Lopez

I love the breezy airy and soft feel of this residence. Soft colours and white especially, have the power to filter light in a very pleasant and calming, even rejuvenating way. No wonder this is the colour theme of many a spa. Minimalist kitchens, aside from perfect entertaining spaces, give you  a sense of powerful…