The water garden

As I watch San Francisco’s Market Street coming alive at dawn, amid it all I stumble onto a beautiful fountain. Water is pushed up to the top where a thin brass plate ads a sparkle. There it bubbles softly before pressing moving patterns into the glass as it slides off back into the ground. 

Long weekend Mondays

Like a big jewelled pendant on the beautiful neck of a passer-by, long weekend Mondays are fast-fading precious gems. I often wonder what people usually do on such days. 

When busy is just too busy

For strongly motivated individuals the risk of becoming too busy to live is highest. Such individuals always push for the next thing and while the chase and win are always enjoyable, the ones that are truly successful are the ones that can break and refuel.

Ode to winter ski

Winter is probably the most controversial season. Everyone seems to agree that summers are fun, falls are romantic and springs refreshing yet with winter, its a love-hate relationship.

The power of quotes

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”
― Edward Everett Hale

2018, a Retrospective

2018 has been the year of many conundrums. Innocent yet unmistakably urgent, happenstances of everyday sift through time, moulding it to their liking. Yet I’m looking back and amidst all that, as always, wonderful life comes through strong with beautiful memories and many accomplishments.

Lit-Up, blast from the past, 2011

While looking for modern sleek lights on a current project, I stumbled on this older blog post with great examples. Thought I should re-share. With “objects” you never know what lasts and what does not. I guess that’s how some of these pieces become iconic or classical. Some are trends that come and go. The…

Beautiful objects, the Dyson hairdryer

The power of design is often most visible in product design, consumer goods with wide reach to the public that go far beyond the function they are meant to simply perform and instead, they perform it superbly. Dyson is one of my favorite brands that achieve that. Visible in their retail, the new store at Yorkdale…

Bold colour combos in furniture

What I love about the trips around town is that no matter what you’re looking for in stores, you always find some unexpected pieces. Like these beautiful Hermes orange bar stools from Barrymore. The brass accents give them just a slight sofistication.

Photographing the work…

First, if you get to photograph it that means it’s done ! Ready to be used, admired, broken in. There is nothing better than seeing a project a few years down the road when few nicks and cracks are showing, little wrinkles in design, only making it more beautiful. Today however… this is a first…

How is your gym’s ceiling?

Did you notice how gyms tend to have very uniform floors? It is common sense given the amount of equipment that needs to go on them. Some of the fun-designed ones though do tend to make up in excitement through their ceilings. After all, gyms need to be inspiring and conducive of energy and good…