Paris, Cartier Latin and the difference between shopping and collecting

I mostly collect. The shopper yet, an anti-shopper. The buy it forever because you need it and want to keep it, truly, not the buy it for the right price or the right sale. I don’t judge and don’t care what others do. Except when they are my clients, in which case, I strive to…

What Italian cities and design awards in L.A. have in common

Dear F.T., It’s been a while since I’ve been to Italy. My feet are missing the round cobblestones soaked in the smell of morning espresso that is infusing the already perfumed Mediterranean air. There is nothing like a deep breath of air in that sea-surrounded country. You can almost see the molecules, swirling happily around…

The cult of wine – introduction to a fulfilling lifepath and what could come with it

My letter to the wine traveler in you.. Dear fellow wine lover,  searcher of all things exquisite in life, Wine travel can teach you a lot about how to live well while welcoming you into a cult-like no other. It sets you up for experiences that move imagination and fuel creativity in a way that…

How to do virtual travel right

In the post-pandemic world, virtual travel may be the thing but how is it really different than watching National Geographic or any other tv show on travel? Why these do not work as virtual travel experiences is because they lack the immersiveness of actually being there.

Ephemeral spaces of missed spectacle

The streets of Toronto finally, flourish in a delayed bloom of late summer, and the city becomes a festival itself. Terraces, flowers and music are back and scents of culinary delights haggle for your attention everywhere. 

The water garden

As I watch San Francisco’s Market Street coming alive at dawn, amid it all I stumble onto a beautiful fountain. Water is pushed up to the top where a thin brass plate ads a sparkle. There it bubbles softly before pressing moving patterns into the glass as it slides off back into the ground. 

The bright colours of Valladolid Mexico

In 1543 Francisco de Montejo arrived, wiped out an old Mayan town and founded Valladolid in its place. A few centuries later, the Mayans took it back.

Best city stroll food – pancakes delight

It is almost impossible not to get hungry when walking and it is not because of the exercise. Getting hungry while exploring on foot is a progressive experience that starts with scents of delicious food that make their way out of corner cafes and restaurants.

My 2 cents on Niagara Falls

Nature is encompassing beauty that nobody questions. Few beautiful things have such a universal following. Up there on the list, Niagara Falls is a force of nature to reckon with. Poorly emphasized from the surrounding built environment point of view, there is hope that someday the city will revitalize and allow for better design to…

Preview: Sibiu, Transylvania, Casa Nicolae AirBnB opened!

Here is a preview of the units in the Ethno Inn in Sibiu – a UNESCO gem in this beautiful historic town  – a unique and extraordinary opportunity. More info to follow

on Mexico

Oasis of entertainment, constructed to fit within a preset rhythm of preconditioning and expectation, Mexico is one of the most popular March Break destinations. The one of coastlines and blue waters, the one of the palm trees and the ever so wonderful food, the one of night-time shows and day-time bars by the pool. What we…

The art of travel

The fascination of travel has charmed the wondrous mind from Marco Polo and beyond. In his time, one traveled to learn and explore and to bring home a new way of doing things, a new way of life. Novelty had a different kind of value than from what we load it with now. It used to be a journey….