Blue is the new black and 10 things to do with it

If you have not seen it yet, look again. Blue has entered the market and is here to stay for a bit longer.   Unlike the stark black, elegant, yes, but unforgiving to dust and fingerprints, blue offers a surprise – especially the darker one.   Together with green, blue is one of the colours…

Stylishly laid back, the new kind of casual

2021  💫 STYLE  💫 TREND SPOTTER A new kind of casualness What is casualness but the relaxed and unconcerned manner we inherently have without the filter of conventions and care of others? Have you defined what this is for you? How are you most comfortably dressed? What’s your “thing”, that which does it for you, that which…

Outdoors are the new indoors

2021 TREND SPOTTER đź’« LIFESTYLE Biggest lifestyle trend for 2021 will be getting out and styling it like there is no tomorrow. When out of hibernation and back into the greens, spring will bring with it the much-awaited access to the great outdoors. Lawn chairs and fishing rods may do the trick for some, but for…

Rental buildings make a move toward upscaled corridors

Let’s face it, in this city you can own less and less for more and more. Rentals are a viable option for many and if you choose to rent, you still want to live well, get access to where you need to go and live the life that you want to live. That generally means…

How to do virtual travel right

In the post-pandemic world, virtual travel may be the thing but how is it really different than watching National Geographic or any other tv show on travel? Why these do not work as virtual travel experiences is because they lack the immersiveness of actually being there.

Ephemeral spaces of missed spectacle

The streets of Toronto finally, flourish in a delayed bloom of late summer, and the city becomes a festival itself. Terraces, flowers and music are back and scents of culinary delights haggle for your attention everywhere. 

The water garden

As I watch San Francisco’s Market Street coming alive at dawn, amid it all I stumble onto a beautiful fountain. Water is pushed up to the top where a thin brass plate ads a sparkle. There it bubbles softly before pressing moving patterns into the glass as it slides off back into the ground. 

Best city stroll food – pancakes delight

It is almost impossible not to get hungry when walking and it is not because of the exercise. Getting hungry while exploring on foot is a progressive experience that starts with scents of delicious food that make their way out of corner cafes and restaurants.

Remembering Summer

This was just such a nice soft summer day… the ROM echoed with the sound of the street band weaving happy tunes in the warm summer air.