Beach Christmas morning in Melbourne

If you are part of the Florida-goers North Americans and based on that, you think you know how Christmas is in all hot places you are mistaken. With all the heat and beautiful waters, these trips do not prepare you for what one finds in the land down under.

The US architectural symbol of democracy, Lincoln Memorial

Symbols are an evolving library of information that pulls us together into the same conversation. Many symbols go beyond religious and cultural markers that are recognized by all, while some need to be learned before they are used and understood.

The key ingredient in a symbol is meaning. Anything can be a symbol, if it has meaning and sufficient recognition or use, it will eventually make it into the library of symbols of a religion, nation, the western or the eastern world, or humanity.

Neoclassical architecture as it is present in North America and especially United States has been associated with many meanings out of which in the case of Lincoln Memorial is democracy.

Direct from Puerto Plata

In between the over 2500 meters above sea level mountains carved with mysterious caves and the wide span beaches quiet in the sun, up on the north shore of the Dominican lies a story of lifestyle incomprehensible to most western civilization.


‘there is no space outside of correlative environments and experiences’ MARNI

Colour Day and Night

What a playful sun we have. Look! How wonderfully different this same restaurant is, in day and in night.

The island-neighbourhoods of Stockholm

Out of a list of places to visit, this should be on everyone’s list.   Despite the absurd taxes, or maybe just because of what they have to offer, Swedes appear to enjoy their life in a beautifully balanced way. Stockholm is a calm city with angled perspective views to various architecture due to the…

Milan Design Week 2015

One of the most anticipated design events of the spring. From their official site: “Today, materials are viewed not merely as substances that make up objects but as entities worth investigating for their undiscovered potential.” Axo-light lamps – Euroluce: “Materials are getting smarter, the range is expanding, and we’re questioning the limits of use and…

The art of travel

The fascination of travel has charmed the wondrous mind from Marco Polo and beyond. In his time, one traveled to learn and explore and to bring home a new way of doing things, a new way of life. Novelty had a different kind of value than from what we load it with now. It used to be a journey….

European Outdoor Living

Bigger is not always better.  Think Scale and Proportion of your outdoor space in relationship to the number of people and type of activities that will occupy it. Matching everything is so 18th century.   Mixed styles give you a continental look; old architecture and landscapes are often paired with ultra-modern furnishings for a lived-in, refined…

Travel File

Ever found yourself trying to remember a great hotel room you’ve had when vacationing in one city or another? And regretting you did not take a shot of that restaurant where they had leather panels on the wall that will look only, oh, so good in your bedroom? [Rive Gauche, Le Chaplain, Paris] Time to…