Off-duty hero finds perfect coffee table at auction uptown

One of the most fantasized about designer tasks is their shopping on someone else’s dime. Can there be anything more wonderful than getting the ‘high’ of shopping beautiful things all the time and get paid for it on top of that?   But shopping, i.e., professional sourcing, is just so much more than that. Sometimes…

Shop ’till you drop for Christmas stocking stuffers and the like

Yep, like that’s going to happen… But please, don’t despair, always a way to get what you want. And what is it you want this year? Probably something to take your mind off the numerous, and likely lingering, limitations on vacation plans. With home as your 2020 universe, I say take the time to accessorize…

The mighty family of online shoppers

Are you part of it? The increasingly astute buyers navigating comfortably through millions of products, vendors and options, scrutinizing carefully listed criteria and making determined choices? It is the new “walking”. It is not the knowledge of the few but a necessity similar to knowing how to type or use a phone. The zesty, tingly…

Shopping season, getting the essentials and the ones you don’t need

When I shop for clients I never feel distracted. It is completely different when the buying becomes a part of a project. Professional buying applies a filter to browsing that confidently edits, reshuffles and combines the finds with all the other elements of the design, such as room wall colours, flooring finish lights and so forth, that I do not have with me when shopping.

Fireplace of 2017

I think each year can be translated in an object, a function, something that encapsulates time in a material form. 2017 was a tumultuous year, dynamic and powerful, between moving forward and letting go. Elemental in its roots, this is its fireplace.

IKEA Shopping finds

Ikea shopping in November is fun. All these interiors already set up, nothing to do but look for yours and take it home! Although I wish blackboards were that clean and neat when taken home; they have a mysterious way of getting too full. The closet section always my favorite. Some of these sliders are…

Best German Kitchens

My recent encounter with german culture drew my attention back to their products. We all know of the highly technical quality and precision demonstrated in so many fields, culminating often with the automotive industry. Kitchens are another top of the heap for them. Here are some of my favourite german brands: Alno: Bulthaup: Hacker: Here is…

Some of my favourite stationery

the wonderful world of Hermes.. Perfect line from Oily.. Rotring… from a long time ago..   beauty from Valextra… and fancy from Horst..

Furniture that mixes the old and the new

Tables are by now as old as time. And yet, they get continuously reinvented. What a wonderful mix of stainless steel and raw cut wood to create a unique and adaptable piece.

Tolix, Marais Chair

An icon of industrial design, this chair is among few that have been part of our early twentieth-century design heritage. French designer Xavier Pauchard that was one of the pioneers of galvanization shortly after World War I. He established TOLIX as a registered trademark and focused on household items made using this process. Featured at…